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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas daughter threw able to shape a new dynasty? Li Ning can "Quxianjiuguo" to the world? Nike can triumph in the pack again? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; before the layout more than anyone else who will spend money As we all know, every four years the Olympic Games for the world's major sports brand companies, if a wealthy feast. In the back of everyone gathered to enjoy this feast, more brutal competition between each other. The two giants of the world sports brand Adidas, Nike and Li Ning brand around the Olympic hosts "cake" to start a thrilling war. actively participate in various events, Nike and Adidas in common, but they are not the same strategy. Nike favorite choice for all types of athletes and sports teams, Adidas tend to directly hand the official. This time Beijing Olympic Games, Adidas is the official sponsor. According to reports, Adidas paid to partners right around $ 100 million in cash and sponsor products, for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, all the staff and technical officials Paralympic Games, as well as Chinese sports delegations, volunteers and torch It offers sports shoes. But its biggest rival Nike to spend money on more unambiguous. Informed sources, "Nike spent each year on the international sports teams and athletes of money, may ??????? support once the Olympic Games are also a huge cost." It is understood that Nike and dozens of international big-name sports stars for a long strategic cooperation. On this Beijing Olympics, Nike is taking another route. We attach great importance to athletes and sports teams Nike and basketball, swimming, weightlifting, boxing, track and field and more than 20 sports teams signed a sponsorship agreement. And China also has a local brand can not be ignored, that is, "Li Ning." After the defeat in the race Olympic sponsors competition, Li Ning took a circuitous route strategy. In the first three days after the defeat, Li Ning will sign an agreement with CCTV sports channel. Agreement, from 2007 to 2008 when the sports channel br cheap air jordans oadcast topics and events show host and reporter photographed, required wearing Li Ning brand clothing. Li Ning plans during the Beijing Olympics, simply open the CCTV sports channel, Li Ning's LOGO will jump into the eyes of the audience. In addition, Li Ning also with the Chinese shooting team, diving team, tennis team, gymnastics team signed a sponsorship agreement. season change fight wear Nike Adidas match award According to the current pattern of sports brand, an industry source said, it is likely that the athletes wear Nike or Li Ning to compete, you have to put in the award Adidas. Sentence tells the sports brand to compete in the Olympics smoke flavor. In an interview with reporters, managing director of Adidas in China ????? informed Adidas for the Beijing Olympics of advertising exceeds the size of any previous such activities. "For example, the 2006 World Cup in Germany activities, can be considered unprecedented, but the size of this year's Olympic Games is far more than in the past, we put more natural." In terms of Olympic marketing, Adidas developed specifically for the advertising strategy, and the Chinese market, a lot of consumer habits survey, including communication with consumers, feedback, and then a lot of communication. Survey results show that many viewers watch the game not only satisfied, but also want to be able to actively participate in and support the game, cheer for their favorite athletes. Adidas is currently 28 Olympic event in 22 professional sports equipment, including 43 kinds of different shoes, and in particular for the Beijing Olympic Games to create a full range of retail products. Adidas thus scheming to beat Nike purpose is to hope to catch up with competitors in 2008. Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission for the Olympic senior adviser yellow when it comes to Adidas and Nike, the old rivals, said there are many in the Olympic Games in non-Olympic sponsors to use the Olympics promotion. As an Olympic sponsor Adidas rival Nike in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Ga jordans on sale mens mes performance will be very "good." This is no exception, with a variety of ways to remind consumers of Nike's presence. The local brand Li Ning would like anchors and reporters CCTV sports channel to promote themselves. But with the Olympics approaching, some of the changes on the Olympic sports brand promotion occurred. June 3, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee held a "preventive Olympic recessive market advertising practices Proposal" press conference. The main contents of this conference is the initiative of China's advertising industry practitioners units and personnel guard the Olympic Ambush Marketing. Since June 10, Li Ning LOGO partially photographed reporters from CCTV Olympic Channel, the guests, presenters clothes withdrawal, only the individual guests who also do the Li Ning LOGO. Related news that starting from August 1, Li Ning LOGO will completely disappear in the CCTV Olympic Channel. Li Ning in the end this is a wonderful chess move or risky move, many industry insiders talking about. Running Nike endorsements Li Ning is leading While Adidas is the official sponsor of the Beijing Olympic Games, but in the endorser, Nike and Li Ning superior. holding Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian and Liu Xiang in the company's annual earnings cover of Nike, the sponsor of the initiative to withdraw from the dispute, signed 28 major items turned in 22 Chinese sports team. Nike will provide their competition clothing and shoes. Not just Beijing Olympics, Nike "Star + personality" of the brand image is already marketing tradition. Also missed the Olympic sponsor Li Ning, the company also has its own policy. Li Ning sponsored by the Chinese table tennis, gymnastics, diving and shooting four national team, called the Chinese Olympic team's gold medal "Dream Team." At the 2004 Athens Olympics, the gold medal count four "dream team" to win, and more than half of the total number of gold medals the Chinese delegation. Since 2008, Adidas series of "Chinese Olympic delegation, together with the 2008, not impossible" as th Cheap air jordans for sale e theme of the advertising overwhelming. But Adidas-sponsored sports teams are volleyball team, judo team and are not optimistic about the football team. Adidas pushing spokesman Hu Jia, could not even win an Olympic candidature of the national diving team, star Adidas risk is amplified again. After the match the expansion of the market to compete for $ 12 billion After the Olympic Games, China's increasingly competitive sportswear market will continue to grow. Located in Shanghai's sports brand consulting company ZOUMarketing forecast, from 2009 to 2012, the Chinese sportswear market will grow 20% annually, the value will reach 12 billion US dollars. According to relevant survey data from Harvard Business School shows that in recent years the Chinese market three brands Nike, Adidas, Li Ning market share at 21%, 20%, about 17%. Each brand is tier three cities interpenetration fighting. Bowen Kang said that for the adidas Group, is China's most important market. "Our goal is to become the Chinese market leader in 2008, 2010, turnover more than 1 billion euros." He said, he plans to open by year-end 5000 Adidas store and about 1000 Reebok brand stores in China. In early July, the world's largest Adidas stores in the new business district of Beijing Sanlitun unveiled officially opened, with a total area of ??3170 square meters, is about 1.5 times the previous largest Adidas store ???? Paris Champs-Elysees store size. From the experience of developing countries in the world, China is now the sports projects has just started, China's sports consumption is still far from the arrival of high tide. Once the development of the peak arrival of Chinese sports, it is conceivable in the sports series, casual clothing, footwear respect how great the demand. Nike global brand president Charlie? Denson in an interview, said Nike's annual sales revenue in China has reached $ 1 billion. Beijing Olympic Games, Nike branding is an excellent opportunity, after the Olympic Games, Nike will continue to "lead" the Chinese sports market. jordans on sale online local brand Li Ning set itself a clear timetable: the first stage to the end of 2008, the second phase from 2009 to 2013. In both phases, the Li Ning China companies will market as the most important strategic market, it is expected to maintain an annual turnover in respect of 35% -40% growth rate. 2013 - 2018 is the third stage, when Li Ning, the company will become the world's top five sports brands. According to Li Ning, the company responsible person, due to the implementation of central procurement center system this year, Li Ning can save costs 30 million ~ 40 million yuan, while the gross profit margin was maintained at 47% to 48% level. The next five years, the domestic market turnover is expected to remain 35% to 40% growth rate each year. Shuiyingshuishu wait had been repeatedly reprinted statistical: sponsoring more than 200 companies in the Atlanta Olympics, only about 25% of enterprises be rewarded, some companies just to get some short-term benefits, more companies nothing. It should be said of Olympic marketing is not fast food, the sports brand companies as well. Before each campaign, we must formulate a clear strategy of science, which not only includes a detailed short-term media, retail, advertising, public relations return, including long-term business goals more activities, and marketing of follow-up work is still a long way go. What is crazy Adidas one foot? Li Ning was shrewd in mind? Dominating Nike or calm? In a short time we are unable to assess these three sports brand company who is winning this Olympic marketing, you may want to wait until 3 years or 5 years to see everything.Nike Air Huarache recently launched a new color on the shelves, red suede collocation net surface fabric and nylon material, with black Nubuck and decorative details, full texture. Nike Lunar Hypergamer vamp adopts Fuse technology, midsole used in running shoes on the whole palm Lunarlon in the bottom of the shock, and the bottom of the use of herringbone anti-skid design. This configuration seems to make basket jordan 3 katrina 2018 ball shoes as fast as running shoes. 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LANVIN en Bleu MEN the Sneaker of the special stitching leather dyeing effect, create a special do old effect, suede leather material and other material of the perfect combination of the overall texture rich and luxurious double embossed effect shows unique brand spared the article details touch, canvas shoes to consider with the overall color fusion in the fashion color design, offering four colors each with their own unique design. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, SOLUDOS, joint, summer girl shoes, EspadrillesPaul, Smi Cheap jordans online th, 2011 summer, new WING, TIP leather shoes comments on last article: SOLUDOS joint summer girl shoes Espadrilles next article: Paul Smith summer 2011 New WING TIP leather shoesChinese shoes network Sept. 21 SAN FRANCISCO, September 20, the National Youth NIKE finals co-hosted by the Chinese Tennis Association and Nike (U12 / U14) tennis tournaments year in Guangdong Jiangmen start. A total of nearly 200 small players from across the country stand out among this event. 20 evening, the Chinese Tennis Association and the relevant leaders Nike also attended the opening ceremony and welcome ceremony finalists small players. Association vice-chairman of China's high net Shenyang, the organizers Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Li Tong Sports Marketing Director, and the famous tennis player, just enter the US Open women's singles 8 strong Li also attended the event. Vice-Chairman of the opening ceremony, the Chinese Tennis Association High Shenyang said, "thanks to the support of Nike tennis ten years the development of China made, as the world's top brands, Nike long-term sponsorship of the Chinese tennis team, to Jinhua Li and other Chinese breakthrough in the Grand Slam arena to make a positive contribution. The introduction of NJT mechanism, hoping to China to train more stars of the future. " activities , Li was invited to speak. Speaking on the performance of the 2008 Olympic Games, Li said Beijing Olympic Games is the most memorable of his life time event. When faced with tens of thousands of spectators shouting his name in unison, when Lina Tan words, once you think of this scene, his mood long time can not heal. Meanwhile, Li also wish to participate in this tournament small players can play to their level, to realize their ideals tennis. After this, the organizers also arranged for a small random player Li Na advice to tennis technology link. Some small players excited to Li Nati asked: "Sometimes when his leading or comprehensive disadvantage, often psychological adjusts bad attitude affected scene blew out, I ask Li sister is how to adjust their psychological it?" For this problem, Li first asked the small players, "Do not you never won the game?" When a negative answer, as small players Li Na serious answer, "Since you can win the game, as evidenced by Do you have the strength to win the game. In fact, China has many players have this problem, the lack of will to win in the face of adversity, or when an accident situation, and this belief is often the key to victory. " Since then, Nike has also organized a small player sweepstakes. The opening ceremony of the players posed for pictures with all the small form came to an end, and in the 21st, these intimate presence of small players will catch on the athletic field in the game.Nike LeBron X is about to launch the LeBron color home court fans sought after. The double LeBron X with white Hyperfuse vamp and tongue to form a whole, the bottom parts of the black collocation, the rest of the details to Miami sign red dotted with the end of last year, the debut of the LeBron X Prism the rest of Wei, the double home court the color will again stir. The double LeBron X new in February 9th will be coming out, you have to pay attention to shoes fans. 2013-1-13 03:48 upload download attachment (91.67, KB) 2013-1-13 03:48 upload download attachment (244.83, KB) 2013-1-13 03:48 upload download attachment (83.01, KB) in the past few weeks, Jordan Brand released a special Air Jordan 1 series shoes. and each of the different colors represents different athletes. What wants to appreciate today is AIR JORDAN 1 "RUSSELL WESTBROOK"; it is made of dark blue leather and combines red and black. is currently offering official news about this section has not yet announced before this, let us first look at it full shopping. 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Tim Duncan is such a man, the body no thunder, eyes no anger, hands are always hold, in the universe, in ordinary. 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